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Buddha 浮圖

Dimension: 20in x 26in
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Year: 2015 - 2019

Emptiness in Buddhism - the true nature of things and events. The painting represents that nothing we see or hear stands alone; everything is a tentative expression of one seamless, ever-changing landscape. Hence the choice of multiple colors, the colors gives a sense of connection, compassion, clarity, courage and more...
佛教的空虛 - 事物的真實。這幅畫代表著凡事不僅於我們所聞見的,一切都是一個無縫丶不斷變化的景觀。因此伊汶選擇了多種顏色,顏色帶出了一種聯繫丶同情丶清晰丶勇氣和其他百般的感覺...

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