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The White Haired Witch 白髮魔女傳

Dimension : 30in x 40in
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Year : 2016 - 2019
Description (please see below)

The White Haired Witch - Lin Yi Xern ( 練霓裳 ) is the most chivalrous, heroic and beautiful character in all the Liang Yu Sheng ( 梁羽生 )'s books. She was abandoned from the wilderness, raised by a wolf, and later adopted by Ling Mo Wah ( 凌幕華 ). Ling taught her the greatest martial arts; Her background made her straight, love and hate distinct character.
When Lin's lover Cho Yi-Hang ( 卓一航 ) missed with the sword and stabbed Lin, she was heartbroken and her hair turned into white in one night... Her white hair made him regret for the rest of his life.
當卓一航 ( 練霓裳愛人)失手將利劍刺進練霓裳胸膛的同時,瞬間愛恨糾結、情仇難解。

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