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關於伊汶 about.

Eman 伊汶 is the founder and producer of Le Jeu dance, a Hong Kong based dance company with the aim of developing students into professional dancers. Through
Le Jeu, Eman has lead and organized over 180 shows since 2007. Eman 伊汶 was classically trained since she was four, the Royal Academy of Dance (London) Honours Awards
from 1995 to 2000. To help her deal with the intense physical training at such a young age, Eman began painting to help her relax and enhance her creativity.

Eman 伊汶 taught herself to paint over the years...

At the age of 16, she went to California for universities and later on graduated with tonnes of majors and decided to move to Los Angeles right away and became a commercial dancer, like it's a prerequisite. Eman 伊汶​ has been working with the biggest dance agencies and choreographing all over the world.
As her feet are getting colder and colder, Eman had to find something to do that takes forever to make money and
stand up comedy seems like a right choice. 

Eman 伊汶​ has been performing stand up comedy in both English and Cantonese
since 2012 including performing with the biggest comedy clubs in all around the world such as
Comic Strip Live (New York), Rooster T. Feathers (San Francisco), Flappers Comedy Club (Los Angeles), and many more honorable comedy clubs in
China such as Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.
In 2016, Eman 伊汶​ set up a new stand up comedy platform called Stand Up HK - the only English and Cantonese stand up company in Hong Kong 
for comedians around the world. 
In 2017 August 5 Saturday, Eman 伊汶​ performed her first One Man Show in both English, Cantonese (and a little bit in Mandarin as well), back to back.
Rumor has it that every Eman 伊汶 performance is different and she likes to kill her shows by ending with some parody.
Leaving her audience with no choice but come to see her show every time... haha

伊汶是 Le Jeu Dance ( 以香港為基地的舞蹈公司 ) 的創始人和藝術總監。她專注教授各種風格的舞蹈,為以培育學生成為專業舞者。
通過「遊戲」 舞蹈公司伊汶自2007年起已舉辦了多過160個演出。伊汶是1996至2000年英國皇家芭蕾舞學院(倫敦)第一榮譽的得獎者。
從四歲(但她父親說兩歲...... errrr)起一直以來培訓芭蕾,為了幫助自己處理身體上劇烈的芭蕾舞訓練,伊汶開始以畫畫輔助她學習放鬆,以及提高她的創造力。


隨著「遊戲」 舞蹈公司的成立,因為她的腳越來越冷... 揾食艱難... 伊汶唯有做埋是但噏 / 棟篤笑 / 單口喜剧。
在2012年開始以英語和粵語表演是但噏 / 棟篤笑 / 單口喜剧,包括在全美國紐約市頂級的喜劇俱樂部如
Comic Strip LIVE, Rooster T. Feathers, Flappers Comedy Club... 等等地方表演。
在2016年,伊汶建立一個全新的棟篤笑平台叫「香港是但噏Stand Up HK — 香港唯一以英文和中文的棟篤笑團體。
為香港的是但噏 / 棟篤笑 / 單口喜剧藝人們與公眾互動。
在2017年8月5日,伊汶舉辦了她首個 「一個女人仔」 雙語的是但噏 / 棟篤笑 / 單口喜剧表演, 英文後緊接著廣東話和少少國語。
( 您揾到第二到睇嘅,我比番$您 哈哈 )

傳說中,伊汶在每個表演的尾聲會加點趣味的扮野演唱⋯ 而每一次的表演都不一樣,觀眾絕對要每次來棒場⋯ 哈哈


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stand up comedy.

Eman 伊汶 Stand Up Comedy
@Comic Strip Live, New York 2016
Dec 3 Saturday Show



The Dames - 1, 2 Step
Eman teaches "womanizer"
Eman 伊汶 - "You Don't Own ME" choreography 
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